Code Editor for WordPress

With 7 layers of support for developing WordPress plugins and themes, Antechinus JavaScript Editor has evolved into WordPress Code Editor. With its support for HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XML, and now over 2,500 WordPress functions, it’s the most comprehensive code editor for WordPress available today.

7 Built-in Tools for Rapid WordPress Development

  1. Templates
    Instead of coding from scratch, simply fill-in the template for a WordPress plugin, shortcode, etc.
  2. Intellisense
    As you type, the Intellisense kicks in, giving you pick-lists and suggestions, and speeding up your work.
  3. Auto-complete
    Selecting from the pick-lists allows you to complete the names of the function, classes and other objects – automatically.
  4. Auto-popping WordPress Function Parameter Lists
    If the WordPress function accepts any parameters, they are displayed automatically.
  5. Ready-to-use Solutions
    This allows you to construct functional and great-looking user interfaces by adding a button, accordion, dialog, date-picker, progress bar, slider, tabs, tooltips or making an object resizable, draggable or droppable.
  6. Instant Help on Over 2500+ WordPress Functions
    With WordPress, 2,500+ built-in functions are at your fingertips – but trying to remember them all without the help of software is an impossible task. In addition to having Intellisense, auto-complete and auto-popping of parameters for all these functions, you can instantly obtain help for any of them. Just being able to see an example of how a function is used is a huge plus for your WordPress development.
  7. Easy Project Reuse
    Reusing an existing project as a head start for new projects (e.g. plugins, themes, add-ons…) is a breeze: the program will duplicate the entire directory structures, and zoom through the files to make all the text and code replacements needed for the new project.

Below are 4 tutorial videos on how to use the 6 built-in tools for rapid WordPress Development: