Antechinus® JavaScript Editor

Antechinus JavaScript Editor

JavaScript Editor is an Integrated Development Environment. It allows you to combine JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, Java, JScript.NET, C# and other technologies to create great-looking and highly-functional web pages, stand-alone applications powered by JavaScript, .NET apps and libraries, and a lot more.

With JavaScript Editor you create, edit, syntax check, debug, format, beautify, find and organize your code quickly and effortlessly.

The latest major upgrade (codename: WP Master Developer) is all about code-editing for WordPress, and being able to rapidly develop plugins and themes – watch the video tutorial.

JavaScriot Editor v13 runs on Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

JavaScript IDE

10 Key Features of JavaScript IDE
(Integrated Development Environment)

JavaScript IDE is the integrated set of tools, such as JavaScript debugger, Intellisense, code-complete, color-coded editing, JavaScript templates, source code formatter / beautifier, etc, allowing you to do rapid development. This video shows 10 important JavaScript IDE features.

Watch the JavaScript IDE video

JavaScript Editor overview

JavaScript Editor – Overview

What is JavaScript Editor? What can you create with it? How does it work? What technologies does it support? The JavaScript Editor video below gives you the answers, and the general overview of the various facets of JavaScript IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Watch the JavaScript Editor overview video

JavaScript debugger

JavaScript Debugger (part 1 of 2)

JavaScript debugger is the #1 tool for finding logical errors in your code. This video takes you through the sample debugging session. You learn to set breakpoints, execute JavaScript code line by line, examine your variables and add them to the watch window, and monitor the stack frames.

Watch the JavaScript Debugger video, part 1

JavaScript debugger (2)

JavaScript Debugger (part 2 of 2)

The first part covers the basics of debugging JavaScript code. This video shows how to use JavaScript debugger to trace the state of complex variables.

Watch the JavaScript Debugger video, part 2

Compiling JScript.NET apps

How to Compile JScript.NET Programs from JavaScript Editor IDE

JavaScript Editor is a good solution for developing small-to-medium .NET projects.

This video shows how to create, edit, syntax-check, compile and run JScript.NET applications from the JavaScript editor IDE.

Watch the video on how to compile JScript.NET applications

Compiling C#

How to Compile C# Programs from JavaScript Editor IDE

JavaScript Editor is great for a quick small-to-medium .NET projects. The video below illustrates how to create, edit, compile, and run C# applications from the JavaScript Editor IDE.
Additionally, you can compile C# libraries, to be reused by JScript.NET and other languages in the .NET family.

Watch How to Compile C# Programs from JavaScript Editor IDE video


Compiling Java

How to Compile Java Apps from JavaScript Editor IDE

Java is running on over 3 billion devices. Create, edit, compile and run Java apps from the JavaScript editor IDE.

Watch How to Compile Java Apps from JavaScript Editor IDE video


16 jQuery UI elements

How to use 16 jQuery UI elements in your web projects

Accordion, autocomplete, buttons, date-picker, dialog, making elements draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable and sortable, menu progress bar, slider, spinner, tabs and tooltips.

Watch How to Add 16 High-performing UI elements to your pages


Turn your website into powerful interactive web application – instantly add multilevel menu, e-Commerce, form validation, multimedia, and much more

“JavaScript Editor is a major improvement over the older methods of editing, testing and debugging javascripts.

The web effects tools really made my web site notice!”

- Randy Stackhouse,

From: Dr Alex

Dear fellow web developer,

Whether you are a JavaScript novice or a seasoned professional, JavaScript Editor turns your website into the real magnet for your visitors – and gives you the edge to set you miles apart from your competitors.

If you are like me, you are probably using Dreamweaver, Front Page or some other visual HTML editor for your web design. They do a great job in many ways, but have you ever tried to use them to do any of the following:

  • Add rollover multilevel menu to your pages

  • Make sure people enter a valid email

  • Hide your email from spammers, but show it to visitors,

  • Design games games that work on multiple browsers and operating systems

  • Validate a form and make sure every field is entered correctly

  • Add sliders, calendars, color selectors and other elements not supported by HTML

  • Update just one portion of your web page

  • Debug your JavaScript code and eradicate logical errors

  • Draw ovals, circles, lines, arrows and polygons on your web pages
  • Add a countdown, text effect, tooltips
  • Write PHP scripts, design XHTML pages, create CSS styles and XML files

Quite simply, JavaScript is the most popular client-side technology of today and it is used literally everywhere, whether you want to play games, or plot the financial charts and follow the stock market.

To design a great website, basic support for JavaScript that visual editors and competing code editors are offering is no longer enough.

Give functionality and a real edge to your web pages with Antechinus® JavaScript Editor, which turns your work into pleasure, and ramp-up your work 350% compared to competition with an array of unique tools to effortlessly design, maintain, run, test, and debug your creations.


JavaScript Editor screen

New to JavaScript? Become an expert in record time

JavaScript is really easy to learn, and JavaScript Editor includes the hands-on tutorial to guide you step-by-step from your first JavaScript endeavors through to becoming an expert.

The tutorial alone took me and the C Point team months to complete because I wanted to give you an example you can copy, paste and execute for every standard function, object, method and property – the complete JavaScript reference – that is over 250 pages with comprehensive examples telling you in detail all you need to know.

“You have done an excellent job… Very nice indeed. After only 15 minutes of testing and playing with it the feel is good and pleasant.

…You have plenty of examples to play with and have the feel. Well written program. “Easier” to debug. Congratulations.

I love the tutorial. Easy and clear and the buttons work with the HTML browser.. Very clear tut.”

- Guy Norht

Edit JavaScript code quickly and easily

Features that make JavaScript editing a breeze include:

  • Instantly identify comments, functions, and other elements, with unified color-coded syntax – both for JavaScript and HTML.

  • Undo any action made in haste or by mistake, or simply experiment – unlimited Undo and class=blue>Redo are only one click away.

  • Save time by loading your working files automatically next time you run the program – continue exactly where you left off.

  • Single-click Navigation between documents using document tabs – instantly switch to the document you need.

  • The brace matching – see the scope of the function or expression immediately.

  • Have a head start by using class=blue>predefined templates, or create your own templates: it is much neater and faster than trying to re-use the code with copy-and-paste.

  • Enjoy lightning-fast loading of big files (3,000+ lines of code)

  • Context-sensitive help: just hit F1 to receive help on the function, method, or property under the cursor. Without this, you would have an impossible task of memorizing hundreds of functions you can call and the parameters you can pass to them.

  • Bookmarks – navigate within your document easily.

JavaScript Editor includes several productivity tools that you cannot go without once you use them. I’ll tell you more about them in a moment…

“I am using the JavaScript editor to maintain and improve a part of our product. We use web pages to set configuration files values in an Oracle database.

JavaScript Editor has made editing those files much easier for me.”

- Matthew Sargent

Get help as you type

JavaScript Editor IntellisenseJavaScript Editor’s productivity tools are a real time-saver, and they are also more than that. Without them you would find it a lot harder to write error-free code and maintain your documents.

Intellisense/auto-complete eliminates the need to memorize standard functions, methods, properties and parameter lists. Apart from speeding up your work, its pick-lists also prevent typing errors. Save your time by letting the program monitor your keystrokes and offer you pick-lists with member functions, methods and properties.

Type-in templates are reusable chunks of code which at least double your coding speed. Just type the first few letters of the template and press Ctrl+Space: this will pop a list with all the matching templates:

JavaScript Editor autocomplete

The template prompts you to fill-in the blanks, if any.

As your expert knowledge grows, you will quickly assemble many pieces of code that you want to reuse. You can do it easily: with just few clicks you can turn any piece of code into a template, with or without parameters.

Run selected piece of JavaScript code with one click

JavaScript Editor offers something you cannot find elsewhere: the ability to execute an arbitrary piece of JavaScript instantly with a single click. It allows you to see the workings of a function without having to create the context to it – a web page, user interface and another function to call it. For you, this means that:

  • Your testing is lightning fast!

To run a piece of JavaScript code just highlight it and click on Execute.

To see how your JavaScript code performs in your web page, use the Editor’s Internal Viewer, or a web browser. Internal Viewer is better for development because it points to errors in your code.

  • Your JavaScript code is not restricted to web pages: you can really utilize your knowledge for a wide array of computing tasks. More about this later…

How does it work? This is a case when an example goes a long way. Have a look at a simple AddTwo function, which adds the two numbers together and returns the result:

Debugging JavaScript: running code directly
Debugging JavaScript: code output

The ability to run JavaScript straight from the Editor allows you to code, test, debug, perfect and execute your code without leaving the integrated environment.

Locate functions in your documents instantly with Function Finder

Do you ever get frustrated scrolling up and down to find a particular function? Are you the sort of person who needs to use scheduling software to get organized? You will often have 50 or more functions grouped in a single JavaScript file. It can take lots of your time too, when you work with large files.

Finding functions is now lightning fast (a mouse-click is all it takes!) even with big files (over 4,000 lines of code), and includes more than one way to declare a function, for example:

function MyFunction(n)


    // Insert function body here


xyz = new function()


    // Insert function body here


var abc = function()


    // Insert function body here


JavaScript Editor automatically generates the list of functions, allowing you to navigate to the one you need in no time.

Finding JavaScript functions

Double your coding speed with type-in templates

A number of people from JavaScript Editor trials have said that the program is more than worth its price just for this one feature! It works by:

  • Allowing you to turn any chunk of code into a template, and

  • Use the template with few keystrokes whenever needed.

Result? Your coding speed increases at an astonishing pace – you insert code of any complexity with only few keystrokes, and you can reuse your design whenever needed. Example:

  • Type in the first few letters of the template and press Ctrl+space

  • JavaScript Editor list all the matching templates: select the one you need

JavaScript function template

width=”11″> If the template needs any parameters, a dialog opens up so you can fill them in

Setting JavaScript template properties

JavaScript fills in the template, and inserts it into the document. The cursor is right where you need it to continue editing.

Template-generated JavaScript code

Creating new templates is equally easy. The new Manage Code Template dialog allows you to specify the parameter s, if any (list, color, edit…), and the position of the cursor after inserting. The parameters allow you to customize the code to your exact needs as it is being inserted.

Create Stand-alone JavaScript-powered HTML Applications (.HTA)

Use your knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to design lean, efficient stand-alone programs with a rich user interface and full access to the client system: HTML Applications (HTA).

Edit everything visually

As I mentioned earlier, if you already have Dreamweaver, Front Page or another visual HTML tool, your JavaScript Editor will work nicely with them. If not, with one click you can switch between writing code and visual editing.

Creating and editing your web pages is as easy as using a text processor.

Just click on the Visual Web Designer button for full WYSIWYG editing:

JavaScript Editor's visual HTML design

Visual Web Designer has extensive editing options, but using it is simply a matter of point-and-click.

Supercharge your web pages without coding – by inserting form elements, animations, videos, images, sounds and other multimedia elements with a variety of options.

Visual JavaScript editing

Visually adding various objects to your website cannot be any simpler or easier.

Furthermore, we’ve taken extra care to make sure that what you can do visually, you can also do in code – with the same ease.

Create all your pages, tables and forms, and insert form elements using simple point-and-click operations. Antechinus® JavaScript Editor fully supports both:

  • Relative positioning. When the user resizes the browser window, the page reformats itself – ideal for your main pages.

  • Absolute positioning. All the elements on your web page appear exactly where you place them – ideal for creating popups and explanation windows with fixed size.

JavaScript layers

Easily add animations, videos, sound, and images with Resource Manager

To give their visitors a more complete experience many of today’s web sites include a lot more than text and images – add multimedia capabilities to web pages in seconds.

Your videos, images and other resources can come from a variety of places. It can be very tedious to double-click each of them to preview them in Media Player to find the one you need, and then copy it to the right folder. That’s why your JavaScript Editor’s built-in Resource Manager includes powerful tools to allow you to:

Access your source files instantly. Folder history and the active document folder are only one click away.

Preview images, animations, videos and sound files

Organize them

Transfer them to your resource folder, and

Insert them into your Web pages with a variety of options.

JavaScript Editor's Resource Manager
Controlling video and animations with JavaScript

The preview eliminates the guesswork, and you can insert videos and other resources exactly as you want them: with or without the controller, starting automatically, etc. For example, when inserting videos, you specify properties like:

  • Auto-rewind

  • Auto-start

  • Show controls

  • Click to play

  • Play count, etc.

JavaScript Editor then generates all the code for you.

Generating JavaScript multimedia code

“I am using it to develop material in the teaching of JavaScript. Good on you for developing such a sublime package that I will recommend to my students.”

- Ilias Grivas
Real Options

Focus your editing with Code Folding / Unfolding

Code Folding / Unfolding (also called code collapsing) greatly adds to the organization and readability of documents you are working on. Big chunks of code that you have completed make it harder to locate the code you wish to edit and can be distracting. In this case, code folding makes your editing a lot easier.

With a single click you can collapse or expand all the folds in your document.

You can also collapse or expand individual folds. JavaScript Editor assists you by automatically providing the fold buttons for every {..} scope in your code (functions, loops, switch statements, etc), and for multi-line /* .. */ comments.

Example: Folded function (the ‘+’ button unfolds it).

JavaScript code folding

Example: The same function unfolded.

JavaScript code unfolding

Example: Folded multi-line comment

JavaScript code collapsing

Example: Unfolded multi-line comment

JavaScript comment collapsing

Code folding / unfolding can be found in other top editors too. However, JavaScript Editor allows you to organize code better than any competing coding environment by allowing you to arbitrarily fold / unfold any piece of code.

Why is this important? In many cases you will have your functions grouped depending on the task they perform. For example, you may have a group of functions for getting/setting cookies, another one for special effects, etc. In this case, you want to be able to fold the entire group with one click, and with JavaScript Editor you can.

How? Simply highlight the code you wish to fold and select Fold selection. Give your fold a name to better organize your code. This way you can collapse a file of several thousand lines of code into few well-chosen folds:

Folding JavaScript code

You will be able to logically organize your code in no time by using selection folding, a functionality unique to JavaScript Editor (well, at least until the competitors steal our design).

Easily locate errors with Syntax Check

You no longer need to waste your time to hunt errors in your code – with the built-in Syntax Check your code will be error-free in seconds.

When you make an error, JavaScript Editor will:

  • Locate it in no time

  • Highlight it, and

  • Explain it for a speedy correction:

JavaScript syntax check

Test your functions directly – without a web page or a driver function

It is common to spend 10% of time coding new features, and 90% chasing errors!

JavaScript Editor’s Function Calling is a unique tools that allows you to avoid the bug-finding frustration and focus on development. It speeds up your testing tremendously and removes the need to code the driver function for black-box testing.

Enjoy quick and easy eradication of logical errors with the integrated JavaScript debugger

Even the best of programmers make errors!

Debugging web applications in the simplest possible way: single-click JavaScript and VBScript debugging is something no competition offers – be it a commercial script debugger or a free JavaScript debugging utility.

Have you ever used JavaScript debugger by one of our competitors? Typically you have to:

Open a browser
Navigate to a page you wish to debug
Open it
Switch back to the debugger and list the processes you can connect to
Select the process with your page in it…

… and finally you can start debugging.

This bunch of steps takes one single click in JavaScript Editor.

…and you can employ the familiar connect-to-the-running-process debugging should you ever need to use it.

Save time every time you debug – set your breakpoints only once. If you went for the Microsoft script debugger download you’ll know that you have to connect to the running process, then set your breakpoint – and repeat the process each time you make a change in code.

JavaScript Editor allows you to set your breakpoints at any time – before, during or after the debugging session.

Track your objects / complex variables. Are you working with text and numbers or complex objects? Track their state with the same ease.

javascript debugger

Easily organize your breakpoints. And with the unique Show me! option you can see the exact place in code of all your breakpoints and the exact locations of stack frames as they are formed.

Here is the very brief overview of the most important debugging options:

 JavaScript Debugger: start

Start Debugging with a single click. Opens the web page, connects the debugger and starts the debugging session.

JavaScript Debugger: stop

Stop Debugging. Terminates the debugging session – and automatically closes down the browser window.

JavaScript Debugger: set breakpoint

Breakpoint. Sets the breakpoint on and off.

JavaScript Debugger: continue

Continue. Continues the execution from the break in the code.

JavaScript Debugger: step into

Step Into. Steps into the function / block of code.

JavaScript Debugger: step over

Step Over. Executes the current line of code and moves to the next one.

JavaScript Debugger: step out

Step Out. Steps out of the current function / context.

JavaScript Debugger: run to cursor

Run to Cursor. Executes the code up to the cursor location.

JavaScript Debugger: variable inspector

Inspect Variable. Shows the value of the selected variable.

JavaScript Debugger: add to watch

Add to Watch. Adds the selected variable to the watch window.

JavaScript Debugger: variable watch

Watch. Displays variables and their values and updates them automatically at each break of the execution.

JavaScript Debugger: variable viewer

View Local Variables. Toggles the local variables window on and off.

JavaScript Debugger: stack frames

View Stack Frames. See the call stack – all the variables in all the stack frames as a given point of execution.


Directs the execution to stop at the first line of script.

For the full details and the step-by-step guide on how to quickly and easily debug your web applications using the integrated JavaScript debugger, click here.

Set your environment exactly the way you want it

You do not have to learn another set of shortcuts and commands – make JavaScript Editor look and behave just as you are used to.

The new smart resize lets you organize, position and resize your tools with ease. Some layouts work better than others: to see the layout we recommend, click here.

Automate code insertion with AutoScripts

You always have tasks that you perform again and again with the files you are working on. For example, this can be inserting copyright or programmer information, replacing bits of text, adjusting templates, etc.

An AutoScript is simply a JavaScript operating on your current document to automate repetitive tasks. It lets you customize the document to your exact needs.

You only need a single click to apply the same script to another document.

Integrate your favorite tools with JavaScript Editor

Do you already have Dreamweaver, Front Page or another popular HTML editor?

If you do, JavaScript Editor complements them beautifully for hugely increased functionality.

If not, JavaScript Editor allows you to switch easily between code and visual editing and get the best from both worlds.

In fact, JavaScript Editor lets you get more out of your existing tools by offering exceptional levels of integration. Here is just a glimpse of what you can do:

  • Tap into the power of .Net: compile JScript.Net applications (.exe) and libraries (.dll)

  • Automatically navigate to errors in your JScript.Net code after compiling for the speedy correction

  • Run compiled applications directly from JavaScript Editor IDE

  • Run compiled console applications with the output displayed in JavaScript Editor’s Output pane – no more fleeting command windows

  • Run PHP and Python interpreters

  • Add context-sensitive help for PHP, Python and other scripting and programming languages

  • Extend the environment with more tools of your choice…

Work with XML files

Developing Internet applications using AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is great:

  • It is fast and efficient. Only small amount of data passes through, making it a highly suitable platform for Internet application development, and

  • It is transparent to the user. The data is being interpreted to change only the portion of the web page that needs to be changed, not the entire page.

JavaScript Editor allows you to view, create, format, edit, syntax-check and validate XML files.

Code exactly the way you want it –
with Source code formatter / code beautifier

As you use the code from various sources you will inevitably end up with different coding styles and standards.

This makes the source code hard to read and maintain, and at odds with what you’d like to see and with your organization’s standards.

With the powerful source code formatter / beautifier you transform in seconds someone else’s unintelligible code to EXACTLY the way you want it.

  • JavaScript Editor includes the predefined settings for common coding styles: ANSI, Java and Linux/Unix.

  • Are you working with multiple technologies? The source code formatter / beautifier is optimized for JavaScript and several other languages: C, C++, Java, C#, and ActionScript.

  • Having a bunch of documents to format? Save time by applying the coding style to many documents at once.

Have modern, efficient pages: cleanup, fix and format

Today’s browsers continue to support old-style HTML code, but the modern sites are increasingly coded in eXtensible HTML (XHTML).

JavaScript Editor includes powerful XML, HTML and XHTML formatting options, allowing you to produce code that is highly optimized, well-formed and easy to read and maintain.

  • Has your web site evolved over time? Have you ever observed how HTML code looks like when you save your Word document as a web page?

    Convert your old HTML code to XHTML, which is in many respects better, faster to render and better organized.

Different coding standards, combination of manual and visual editing, differences in upper/lower case, using/not using quote marks for properties, etc make your code exceptionally hard to maintain.

JavaScript Editor now ensures that all your pages are properly and consistently formatted.

JavaScript Editor combines together:

  • The HTML code formatter / beautifier
  • The XHTML code formatter / beautifier
  • The XML code formatter / beautifier, and
  • The HTML to XHTML converter.

Automatic code formatting after editing your pages in
Visual Web Designer

Visual HTML editors speed up your web design, but often produce “dirty” HTML code that is yet to be optimized. Visual Web Designer, which is built into JavaScript Editor is no exception: it allows you to design your pages quickly, create forms and add multimedia components visually and generates all the HTML code for you.

The difference is, Visual Web Designer now automatically invokes the HTML / XHTML formatter to optimize your code. Instead of the “dirty” code you end up with beautiful, well-formed, and highly efficient documents.

Macro recorder

Do complex operations only once – record your actions and play them back whenever needed. Automate common operations within the editor with the macro recording / playing tool. It records your keystrokes, commands and mouse actions, saves them and allows you to replay them.

Spell-check your documents automatically while you work

When you edit your web pages, you may forget to run the spell checker, and spelling errors make your site look unprofessional.

As you work, JavaScript Editor checks your web pages for spelling errors.

To save on download time, JavaScript Editor ships only with 4 English dictionaries:

  • English (US) – default
  • English (UK)
  • English (Australia), and
  • English (Canada)

However, you an download and install additional language dictionaries in no time, for German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, and more than 40 other languages.


Easily do batch processing and common computing tasks with JavaScript extensions

Are you using JavaScript only for your web pages? Think again: JavaScript is a simple but powerful language – class=orange>why not leverage your knowledge of scripting for common tasks on your machine or your intranet?

Of course, it is not possible to access visitors file system with JavaScript (if JavaScript could do that it would be a huge security problem), but you can now easily read and write files and do other folder and file operations on your computer, or on your intranet.

Publish your code with ease

Apart from publishing your web pages, there are occasions when you need to publish the source code itself on the Internet or elsewhere. Code export preserves the color coding and formatting: it makes your JavaScript code and HTML code much easier to read and understand.

To this aim, use JavaScript Editor to export your files:

  • As web pages, for placing them on the Internet, or

  • As Rich Text (.rtf) files, for use in Microsoft Word or other text processors.

Customize the Editor exactly to your taste

After spending months or years using your favorite software, you get accustomed to shortcut keys, which can considerably speed up all the operations.

JavaScript Editor now allows you to re-assign all shortcut keys so that you can continue working with familiar shortcuts rather than having to learn the new ones.

Apart from the shortcuts, the new Customize tool allows you to adapt different aspects of the program to your taste:

  • Background colors and skins

  • Editor fonts, colors and other settings

  • Splash window

  • Tabbed document navigation and more…

What makes JavaScript Editor so easy to use?

I would like to tell you exactly why JavaScript Editor is “easy-to-use” – unlike the competition it is not just a phrase we add for good measure:

You can use the software immediately: there is no steep learning curve to master.

You will not be dragged through multiple option screens: everything is logically grouped together.

You will never have to hunt for a command through deeply-nested menus.

As you can see from testimonials, we hear all the time from our customers how easy-to-use JavaScript Editor is.

Visual tools aid your design whenever possible.

A mouse click (or a keypress) goes a long way: you will not have go through multiple configuration screens to get the job done. The software does heaps for you under-the-hood.

You are not left in the dark: step-by-step approach is used whenever possible

“I use it as the JavaScript editor for Adobe Acrobat Professional. The “find brace” has been very helpful and the color coding of the script is helpful when I’m trying to find a problem.

The tutorial is great.

- Steve Egge MD

You will find your Antechinus® JavaScript Editor an irreplaceable tool for your web development. It is the best JavaScript editor today, unique, easy to use and feature-packed.

With it you will enjoy designing dynamic, interactive web pages more than ever.

You’d expect an expensive price tag for a tool like this (and it would be worth it!).

After reviewing what the opposition offers I discovered that $250 is the norm for a professional script debugging tool – and the top-of-the-art debugger is just one of JavaScript Editor’s many features.

Which means you’d have to buy 10 or more separate programs to fill what JavaScript Editor can do for you – and you’d still miss its unique qualities!

Fortunately, thanks to the overwhelming support JavaScript Editor enjoys from its users, it is yours for only $49.95.

The C Point team and I put our souls and years of development into JavaScript Editor to give you the tool you will never stop using.

What are Users Saying

“The Antechinus JavaScript Editor is the absolutely best javascript editor I have ever seen. I am especially fond of the intellisense function and the library function with the many possibilities.

Also the function overview, so you don’t have to scroll up and down, and the solution library for reuse.”

- Kurt Lind
Gentofte, Denmark

“I use the Javascript editor for all my editing needs including Java, HTML, and XML. I am very pleased with it…”

- Craig Cleaveland

“This is GREAT! …The improvements you made are tremendous.”

- John Morley

“Your product line has got to be one of the best deals around. Keep up the great work.”

- John Dias


Unconditional 30 Days Guarantee

It’s simple and straightforward:
"If you do not think that you got an exceptional value for money, let me know and I’ll refund your money in full.

This iron-clad guarantee is given by our company C Point Pty Ltd and also personally by Dr Alex Davidovic, the company director and the head of the programming team behind JavaScript Editor.

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