Free JavaScript Editor

Note: the free version of JavaScript Editor is no longer available or supported, because we’re putting all of our resources into Pro version 13 so that we can continue to give you the most unforgettable coding experience…

… and while web professionals are more than happy with the price tag of $49.95 for the Pro version, we do not want to disappoint students, hobbyists, and web warriors who are just starting.

For this reason, we’ve dropped the price for EVERYONE for the feature-packed JavaScript Editor Pro v13 from $49.95 to the absolute bargain of just $17!

After 108,000 downloads, JavaScript Editor v2 has been RETIRED…
instead, get the awesome JavaScript Editor Pro v13!


JavaScript Editor screen

 JavaScript Editor Pro v13 runs on XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.


ONLY WHILE THE SPECIAL IS ON - You receive the following BONUS with the software:

Dr Alex's award-winning video course: "Learn Programming: from Novice to JavaScript Guru in 2 Weeks"

It's a step-by-step guide with all the tools and resources you need to master all your web projects with ease and confidence.

On Udemy, people pay $50 to access this course, and there are over 1,300 students enrolled, with plenty of 5-star reviews.

Check it out here:

This product is ideal for people who want at least one of the following:

  • Want an easy, hands-on way to learn programming
  • Want to make a living in the multi-billion dollar software industry
  • Want to create WordPress plugins that people need and buy
  • Want to do programming as a hobby
  • Want their web pages to stand way above the competition
  • Want to create stand-alone applications, components or libraries
  • Want to customize the way their Office and other top-level applications work