Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to execute JavaScript code directly?
JavaScript typically requires the context (web page, JavaScript-supported application, etc) to execute. However, JavaScript Editor is the only tool that allows you to select and instantly execute a piece of JavaScript code. This is great for learning programming, for learning JavaScript, and for rapid software development.
Can you create-stand-alone applications with JavaScript Editor?
Yes. You can create stand-alone HTML Applications (.HTA) that are powered by JavaScript, JScript.NET programs and C# programs.
Can you access local file system with JavaScript?
Yes, on the web by using AJAX, from the JavaScript Editor by using the built-in JavaScript extensions, or via HTMA applications.
Is there a trial version of Antechinus JavaScript Editor?
What is your refund policy?
Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, no hoops to jump through.
Is there a free version of JavaScript Editor?
Yes, click here to get the free JavaScript editor (version 2.2).
What is the latest version of JavaScript Editor?
Version 13.1.
Can you use JavaScript Editor for visual web page editing?
Yes. The past versions incorporated the Visual Designer, but since the main strength of the Editor is in generating / editing / debugging / testing JavaScript code, with few clicks you can now integrate it with any visual editor (for example: Blue Griffon, which is free), and switch between editing code and the visual design.
Can I use JavaScript Editor with Dreamweaver?
Yes. When it comes to visual design, Dreamweaver is much better than JavaScript Editor will ever be. When it comes to code editing, JavaScript Editor is much better than Dreamweaver will ever be. The complement each other and work well together.
Can I debug my JavaScript code, set breakpoints, etc?
Yes. JavaScript Editor includes the highly functional JavaScript debugger, with breakpoints, watch lists, frame stacks, step-through, and all other common debugging functions.
Is it possible to extend Intellisense / auto-complete?
Yes, you can easily add your own Intellisense, auto-complete and color-coding definitions.
Can I use JavaScript Editor for ,NET development?
Yes. You can create applications and libraries with JScript.NET and C#, which are supported by JavaScript Editor.
My code has 100s of functions – can your program help me to find them easily?
Yes, JavaScript Editor has a built-in Function Finder, which is particularly useful for big projects with thousands of lines of code.
Is JavaScript Editor the right choice for people with no programming experience and/or professionals?

Yes, both. The step-by-step tutorial transforms you from a beginner into a JavaScript expert in a matter of days. The programming principles you learn are the great foundation for any other programming language you might learn in the future.

At the same time, JavaScript Editor is the tool of choice for over 10,000 professional programmers and developers. Quite simple, it’s the best JavaScript IDE available today.