About Us

This website, Antechinus® JavaScript Editor and other Antechinus® software products are developed and maintained by C Point Pty Ltd, incorporated under the Australian Company Number (ACN): 085 516 552, and the Australian Business Number (ABN): 48 085 516 552.

We are a dynamic software company founded in February 1991 in Adelaide, Australia. We design websites and software products for web development, animation/imaging, and scripting/programming.

What is different about our company?
Serving you, the customer, is our only business. Unlike most businesses, which are advertising-oriented, product-oriented, or sales-oriented, C Point is a genuinely customer-driven company. By this we mean that all the key decisions are based on the overriding desire to serve you better.

What is different about our products?
What sets us apart from our competitors more than anything else is the sheer number of innovative and unique solutions you won’t find anywhere else.
They make your design a breeze and you have fun in the process! 

Our competitive advantages include:

  • Simplicity and ease of use. You use our products immediately, there are no steep learning curves involved. You focus on creative aspects, not on tools.
  • Productivity. You save plenty of time with visual design, Intellisense and auto-completion, plentiful automation tools, and unique productivity tools such as property-based templates, running annotations, visual fast-preview, and more.
  • Support. How often have you tried to get support from a software company, only to experience hours of frustration? With us, your e-mails are answered promptly within 24 hours.
  • Consistency. You spend no extra time to learn a new program. You use our products in a consistent way, and they cooperate well with each other as part of the Creative Suite, and with your favorite existing software.
  • Continuous improvement. A big part of all our upgrade design plans are customer-requested features.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. You will be more than happy with C Point products – guaranteed. If you do not think that you got a great value for money, let us know within 30 days after you have purchased the product and your money will be fully refunded.

What makes C Point products so easy to use?
You must have heard it before: “easy-to-use”, “intuitive” is what others claim too, and it is only natural to be skeptical. However, when it comes to C Point products, you will find that “easy-to-use” is their main defining feature, and this is what we mean by it:

You can use the software straight away: there is no steep learning curve to master.

You will not be dragged through countless option screens: everything is logically grouped together.

You will never have to hunt for a command through deeply-nested menus.

You enjoy exceptional ease of use – as you can see from testimonials, you’d be hard pressed to find better organized and more user-friendly software. The extraordinary logic and ease of use are the result of Dr Alex’s 10 years of research of software usability and user interfaces.

You do not need to guess: real-time previews are available.

Single-click goes a long way: you will not have go through multiple configuration screens to get the job done. The software does lots for you under-the-hood; multiple operations can be grouped together; you can perform multiple operations with a single command: it does not get simpler than that.

You will not be left in the dark: step-by-step approach is used whenever possible.

Company management

Dr Alex Davidovic, the director of the company, has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of South Australia (UNISA), with years of experience in software development, Internet marketing and business management.

Steve Walsh possesses vast experience in creating electronic products, including project management, content and resource development, frameworks, on-line databases and database-driven Web sites, open learning units, and administrative and information Web sites.

Jason Elliott, the project manager, is a software engineer and a guru for multiple technologies.

Ron Green is a software engineer with expertise in design, user interfaces, and training materials.


We welcome you – please contact us with your comments and suggestions, or just to say ‘Hello’.