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javascript-editor-screen-thumb JavaScript Editor Overview
What is JavaScript Editor? What can you create with it? How does it work? What technologies does it support? The JavaScript Editor video below gives you the answers, and the general overview of the various facets of JavaScript IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
compiling-jscript-dot-net-apps-thumb How to Compile JScript.NET Programs from JavaScript Editor IDE
This video shows how to create, edit, syntax-check, compile and run JScript .NET applications from the JavaScript Editor IDE.
compiling-c-sharp-apps-thumb How to Compile C# Programs from JavaScript Editor IDE
This video demonstrates how to create, edit, compile and run C# applications from the JavaScript Editor IDE. Additionally, you can compile .NET libraries to be reused by all programming languages in the .NET family.

Free JavaScript Editor

Free JavaScript editor features the entire set of integrated tools to allow you to generate and edit JavaScript code: color-coding, Intellisense and auto-complete, Function Finder, bookmarking for easy navigation, categorized source code solutions, and a lot more.

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Free JavaScript editor

Computer Programming for Kids

Computer Programming for Kids

This hands-on course transforms you from a novice into a programming expert in 2 weeks. Designed for:
  • Children 12 years or older, learning with a parent / instructor / teacher
  • Adults looking for a quick and easy way to learn programming
The course includes:
  • Antechinus JavaScript Editor
  • "Learning Programming through JavaScript" by Ron Green
  • Plenty of examples that you copy-and-paste, and run with a single click

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